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For the business relationship between the customer and Sai Dream Design.at at a distance, that is those that were closed using exclusively one or more means of distance communication, only the present general terms and conditions apply.



A contract is an offer by the Customer and acceptance by Sai Dream Design.at. The offer is made by submitting the completed provided on the Website Sai Dream Design.at by us order form. We acknowledge receipt of the order by sending a confirmation email to the customer, which includes product, delivery and payment terms. The acceptance of the offer made by sending the goods to the customer.



If items are material or manufacturing error, we kindly ask the customer, visible errors - also damages - to complain in writing to our postal address or e-mail without delay.

We are not liable for damages, caused by the use of our product direct and indirect.  


Sai Dream Design.at takes the small business owner-scheme. We have no sales tax on invoices separately and can not deduct VAT.

For money transfers, we ask you to transfer free of charge to our account the invoice amount showing the invoice number. Your order will be shipped only after receipt of the full invoice amount to our account..

If you pay by Pay Pal (credit card), the payment will be released the day after dispatch.

For non-payment within 10 days, the order will be automatically canceled also your right to get the goods.

From a total purchase price offer 150,00 EUR FREE shipping in Austria.

To an order under EUR 150,00 shipping and handling costs of EUR 4,90 Austria Goods will definitely fully insured, shipped.



The delivered goods remain our property until full payment of the purchase price and any shipping costs owned by Sai Dream Design.at.



Necessary personal data for the transaction will be saved. Personal data will be treated confidentially, we undertake not to sell or rent data to third parties.

Conditions on the use and utilization Sai Dream Design.at own image and data material


 1 The following terms and conditions concerning the use and exploitation legend Sai Dream Design.at own image and data material shall be agreed with the recipient's signature.

 2 Image and data material for the purposes of these terms are products in the form of photographs, illustrations and text in any technical form or medium they were created or exist and come from the intellectual and material property of Sai Dream Design.at.


 1 Sai Dream Design.at is the copyright holder in the image and data material in accordance with the copyright.

 2 The Sai Dream Design.at. edited image and data material is basically intended only for use by the recipient. A passing on to third parties for use requires a special agreement.

 3 The rights are only transferred after full payment of the agreed fee, unless this has been agreed.

 4 The user of image and data material has no right to reproduce and distribute this, if not the rights have been transferred.

 5 The utilization of image and data material from Sai Dream Design.at, unless otherwise agreed, can ask to be named as author.


 1 The sending of image and data material at the expense and risk of the user. He shall ensure that material or photo disks that come from the property of Sai Dream Design.at be sent back. Otherwise, this will be billed to the user.

 2 Complaints obvious defects (damaged, missing data / images, etc.) must be submitted within 2 weeks of receipt.


Should individual provisions of these General Terms and Conditions be or become invalid or unenforceable, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

 Applicable law and jurisdiction

 Governed by Austrian law only, for the entire business relationship.